I’m just a regular person with a fiery passion to write and serve God. I have a degree in education, but am currently writing full time. I am fascinated, mystified and fully devoted to and by the words , love and mercy of God. I feel as though he created me with a pen and ink in mind. I feel a driving fire to write about God and life. Like most people i have been shaped, refined and tossed about throughout life and perhaps by life, but believe that God is in the details, and that he never leaves us or forsakes us. I believe that all our days are known by him and that through hardships we are built. Not different than the way a child is formed in the womb or a diamond is made in the depths of the earth.

i was born a sinner, learned about church in a baptist pew, got baptized in a Pentecostal church, graduated from a christian high school, attended a messianic Jewish congregation that was started in a four square church and ended in a barn. i have been mikvehed in a lake, I took Hebrew classes in a reform synagogue, and attended a non-denominational nation wide bible study. I have taught Sunday school, Shabbat school, and preschool. what i have discovered along the way is it’s not about what you know or have but what you do with what you know. My feet have walked many paths of religious affiliation, but one thing i have learned through it all, is that my faith rests in God , my wisdom from the holy spirit and my atonement through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. With or without a building or a label or spiritual jargon and holy cliches, my salvation is established, whether in the desert or the chapel; it’s who i trust not where i worship that changes me. My faith is rustic, real and aggressively intimate. i like to tip upside down the religious , rigidness that Christianity often is guilty of. I like to challenge the nice-ities, and argue the truths mainstream religion conveniently overlooks,embracing the people of God with understanding compassion and encouragement.

Which is my goal for this blog. I want to encourage, build up, and season the hearts who read these words with grace and mercy and the words of God.

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