the reaper

Sunday we arrived home and the fire alarms were beeping wildly, commanding the occupants to ‘evacuate’ in a loud voice. Smoke filled the kitchen, immediately I realized we had left chicken stock cooking on the stove. I heard the kids calling out, “we’re coming Brodie”. They found and rescued both the dog and cat huddled together in the dogs bed scared to pieces, and shaking violently. We held and comforted them and spoke kindly until they rested in our arms.
Animal behavior inspires me. I realized that those having life in them desire life beside them. Life attracts life, whether man or beast, we long for and seek out companionship. Who else could have placed that within us but God our Creator? It is inherent to look for others when we are alone and frightened, or even when joyful; we long to share life with life. God has designed us to want to be together-in families, in herds, in packs, in flocks, even ants cluster together, and bees build colonies. This is intentional and necessary, and a clue to God himself. God designed and created life with a yearning for companionship, because he too possesses an ache for company. Could it be the why of creation, could it be the reason for the trinity and the thrust of God’s final goal -to dwell with his Bride for eternity?
God longs to be with us, he made us like him, so that we too would long to be with him. He has made us to be spiritual magnets so that we gather together not only to his side, but as his bride (a cluster of men from every nation who put their trust in Christ). We form bodies, churches, congregations and families, especially when we are frightened, worried or perplexed. It can be discouraging when the fire alarms of life are deafening and harsh, we want to escape our dilemma but sometimes we just can’t. The best thing to do in these moments is to find a sister or brother in Christ, others who are dwelling in the house of the Lord and huddle together, be comforted, pray together, unite, cling to one another; God designed us to do this he gave us the urge and instinct to reach out, because God is with US.
We celebrate this season as a time of remembering, yet it remains a foreshadow of what is to come, Christ the bridegroom. Advent- the season of coming. He will silence every fear, all the misunderstandings, all the pain and he will gather us together into his arms and comfort us, and give us peace. Because This One is Our peace. We just need to hold on to one another and wait until he arrives.
Often the alarms come before the comfort, pain before healing, fear before peace. God allows the alarms so that He can comfort, and so that we can find comfort and encouragement in one another. That’s what builds the body, that’s what ushers in and prepares us for the Coming.

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