a Christmas Carol

I will live in the past, present and future Ebenezer Scrooge promises. What a concept! Let the life behind you and the life beyond you effect the life within you and you will live with wisdom, knowledge and grace. Open your arms wide reaching towards yesterday and tomorrow, and  time will be gathered into today, creating a better reality.  What else, but elements of time, can change, frighten or empower us as intensely? Our world crucifies the idea of living in the past and future, unless its a mere Christmas pageant being relayed. the world can only tolerate contradictions under the cover of a well written story.  The point being, this epiphany by Charles Dickens does, in fact, challenge today’s Here and Now message, which encourages us to  “give up presents for presence.” such a noble task indeed. Yet how can I give up one for the other . Do you know i am speaking of Christ, the child born in a stable, the King returning for his bride. I would say we must have both to have truth now. and incidentally, presence,  whether Christ or modern life is only half the story. Presence alone will do nothing for eternity, unless we accept the gift.  We must receive the gift of the past, the vision of the future and apply it to the spirit of the day, otherwise will never move beyond the moment we are in.

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