You don’t have to be a size 6 to be a perfect 10!

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You’re at the market, standing in line, waiting patiently and you happen to, out of boredom, glance over at the weekly publication to your left. Is it OK that you don’t look like that woman on the cover of GLAMOUR? Can you still be smart and kind, and successful, and happy without being her? And without having the life that you imagine she must have?
Do you struggle with your body image, in a world of Barbie’s? Sometimes we forget that we are good enough even if we are not a size 6 or 2! Perhaps our hair is not the right way, or our clothes are not in style, or our body is too… something besides what magazines tell us it “should” be. lets ignore all that. Can we love ourselves regardless? Can we enjoy life even though we aren’t size skinny.
As we get older our bodies change, our metabolism slows and all around us we see signs of fear, age and pressure to be better. But what is better? Maybe better can be feeling good about who we have become instead of what we look like. Can we have confidence in our shapely aging bodies even though the swimsuit editors do not?
We shouldn’t give in to feeling shame if we can’t keep up with 20 year old supermodels who have a different lifestyle than we do. Hollywood society marches to a different playbook, they have personal trainers and personal chefs and personal makeup artists and hairstylists and airbrushing experts erasing their every flaw, but they have problems too. Problems that cannot be airbrushed out of their lives. Even beautiful people get divorced and have drinking addictions and get arrested. All sorts of people feel unloved no matter what they look like, they struggle with insecurities and rebellious children and anger and jealousy. Being a perfect size 6 waist doesn’t ensure a seamless life. Just because they look flawless, doesn’t mean they feel flawless. And just because others don’t look perfect doesn’t mean they can’t be perfect. After all there are people who have never entered the gym a day in their life and they are happily married. There are people who aren’t beautiful by any public opinion, but they have never been addicted to any substances or unfaithful in their dealings, or lazy, or angry. There are people who have gained their peers attention not because of aesthetics but because of their intelligence. people who can be highly esteemed and admired for the seeds they plant in others lives, not the beauty they display of their own. There are people who have lived successful, full accomplished lives without ever being considered lovely to look at.
Next time you look down at your self, ask yourself, “Can I still be a good person, faithful, kind, hard worker, funny, lovable and loving? Can I still live well, even with belly fat? The answer is yes, yes and yes, because character traits and intelligence and morals and values do not rely on the outside but on the inside.

Maybe a size 10 is just perfect for you. Maybe a size 12, is. It is a different story than what we are told to believe, but different can be beautiful, as long as you accept yourself than you are perfectly acceptable. Many of those top models don’t accept themselves. No matter how much splendor they obtain or how many covers they grace, it will never be enough to bring them true contentment, it only transforms the outer shell. Joy, perfection, acceptance and success does not come from how we look, but how we see ourselves!

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