handle with care

I do not think the world needs more bibles, but men who are willing to read bibles. not more books about the man Jesus, but individuals desiring to live like him.  not more churches but more authentic worship .  not more knowledge but real wisdom and understanding. Not more success, but a greater degree of holiness. not more money, but those who have hearts bursting with charity.  not more beauty, just honor and respect. not more houses, but many homes.  not more freedom but adherence to what is right. We have reached a point in history in which we have access to all that we need and excess of all we could want, but the problem is we don’t know how to handle it.

all that we touch, we corrupt, pollute and destroy. we don’t need more replacement parts we need restored hearts!

what the world needs now, is not more, but less…less of itself.

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