Oh Lord prepare my heart today,

To search your will; and see your face

To walk among the shifting sands

Of changing minds and feeble hands

Gird up my loins; teach me to stand

Among the waves; and mountain peaks

Where waters scarce and hopes are bleak

The work of cleansing must be done

Sort and sift, till you see your son

Whisper words that build and seal

Train my hands; your sword to wield,

Strengthen from the inside out

Strip my form and soul of doubt

I cannot fight with chains and fear

Battlegrounds have no tears

Where are thou Lord, when I’m alone

With blood stained reasons of my own

Show yourself, your hands your side,

If I’m to be your spotless bride

This valley here with merely death

This simple circle of earth and dust

Just barely able to feel your breath

Your spirit rejected, you say it must,

Prepare me now to live and see

The day you come to set us free.

Kb 2015


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