Not the Best at Everything

a friend of mine recently said to me, “you can’t be the best at everything.”

i realize something very important a few nights after that amazing quote.  I will never be a singer. It is highly unlikely i will ever perform on stage, i will never cut a record and i will never get paid to entertain using my voice.

This is not something i aspired to or trained for, in fact i have never had a singing lesson…in my life.  My most cherished memories of singing are in the car along with the powerful lyrics of , “His eye is on the Sparrow”. I belt my wavering voice out at the stop lights and cross walks.  in the past singing in church brings the hopes someone will secretly think i should  cut an album. more recently  the hopes are more like, hope no one wonders at who that old crow is singing out of tune to “Amazing Grace”, as i forget my self in his grace.

the reason accepting my fate as a non-public singer is so important is that it is a moment in time when the door of acceptance opens, my acceptance of what can be and what will never be.  i realize in life there are a lot of things i will never do and that’s okay.  there are a lot of things i will do, and have done. As long as i hold on to pipe dreams and evasive hopes i am not taking hold of those opportunities that are before me.  If I can put down some things it frees me to take up others.

It’s important because it is a sign that i am still growing up.  That i am recognizing the reality that i am not a super hero. it is not sad, it is freeing, i am just a person a single person and that is amazing all on it’s own.  That is a wonder that is far more important than what i can ever do!

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